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In Greater Clark, we believe all students need to learn and master the work ethic skills necessary to succeed in school and in life. As a result, we have created a PRIDE© program that teaches and positively reinforces Persistence, Respectfulness, Initiative, Dependability, and Efficiency to all of our students on a daily basis from preschool through 12th grade. The PRIDE© program was developed by a team of educators in cooperation with business and community leaders. The goal of PRIDE© is to build students of strong character who will not only strengthen our school district, but eventually our entire community.

PRIDE© describes the fundamental expectations of students at all Greater Clark schools.

  • Persistence – Persevere Through Challenges, Problem-Solve
  • Respectfulness – Accept and Serve Others, Possess a Positive Attitude, Communicate Clearly
  • Initiative – Demonstrate the Ability to Self-Start and to Think Critically
  • Dependability – Academically Ready, Reliable, Demonstrate Responsibility and Teamwork
  • Efficiency – Organized, Punctual, Self-Managed

1. Behavior matrix which explains specific behavior expectations at school.
2. Direct and on-going teaching of behavioral expectation.
3. PRIDE© acknowledge system to positively reinforce appropriate behavior.
4. Progressive consequences for inappropriate behavior.
5. Data collection to decide on further lessons and other interventions.

As a culminating acknowledgment of PRIDE©, Greater Clark County Schools created the Work Ethic Certificate,
which is now the model for the Governor of Indiana’s Work Ethic Certificate. The certificate, which can be earned
by seniors, is recognized by many area employers and organizations who provide specific benefits to seniors
who have earned the certificate. To earn the certificate, a senior must possess PRIDE© skills, have 98 percent
attendance, have no more than one behavioral referral, have six hours of school or community service, and
graduate with at least a “C” grade point average.

Fifth grade and eighth grade students also have the opportunity to earn the certificate by following the same
criteria as seniors, with less required school or community service hours (eighth grade – four hours and fifth grade –
two hours). In addition, fifth grade students must earn a PRIDE© score of at least seven out of eight possible points.
The score measures a student’s level of proficiency in Persistence, Respectfulness, Initiative, Dependability and
Efficiency as determined by their classroom teacher.

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