STAFF INSIGHT – March 14, 2014

This school year, Greater Clark implemented a balanced calendar. Schools will be closed for two weeks during Spring Break; however, identified students will attend Intersession during the first week of the break to receive twenty additional hours of instruction to help with reading proficiency, credit recovery, or ECA remediation. Attached you will find a special edition of Staff Insight that is devoted to answering questions about Intersession week, which will be held Monday, March 24 to Friday, March 28.

It is important for parents to understand that Intersession is not a punishment for their child, but rather an opportunity for students to receive additional academic support to held their child succeed.

During Intersession week, the district will also offer a variety of enrichment courses that will provide students with an opportunity to learn something new in a convenient, affordable, fun way!

In this special edition of Staff Insight :

2014 Spring Enrichment Classes – Registration Deadline Today

Intersession Information


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