Pleasant Ridge Elementary Staff


Sara Porter Teresa Aaron PRES Amy Aebersold PRES Jennifer Akemon PRES Donna Atwood PRES Shelly Blake PRES Lori Blaydes PRES Kelly Chmielewski PRES Diana Collins PRES Cynthia Comstock PRES Lisa Cymbalist PRES Susan Daily PRES Michele Denny PRES Amy Densford PRES Melissa Doherty PRES Larry Doherty PRES Nashiea Edmiston PRES Kelly Engle PRES Erin Etheridge PRES Ramanda Flannery PRES Jill Flynn PRES Teresa Gibson PRES Amy Guernsey PRES Mari Harbin PRES Donna Hensley PRES Sheila Hubbard PRES Lisa Hughes PRES Beverly Hughes PRES Lynda Kent PRES Sheila Kingery PRES Amy Lawrence PRES Sarah Lawrence PRES Susie Ledbetter PRES Denise Leezer PRES Sarah Lewis PRES Katelyn Maymon PRES Brittany Mellum PRES Beth Mills PRES Holly Moon PRES Paola Munoz PRES Sara Porter PRES Melissa Reed PRES Stephanie Robinson PRES Marge Robison PRES Jessica Sanchez PRES Donna Shanks PRES Jeremy Shireman PRES Marianne Smith PRES Alanna Steele PRES Sarah Steward PRES Marc Thompson PRES Grace Townley PRES Carey Voignier PRES Pat Walden PRES Mary Catherine Walls PRES Scarlett Witt PRES

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