About Pivot


School decision making, based on student test data, is more important today than ever before!  K-12 schools are under pressure to increase student test scores to ensure state compliance, improve student success, strengthen the ability to compete with other schools, and boost parental and community support.  However, the ability to analyze key information to aide in the decision making process can be time consuming, costly, and overwhelming.  Five-Star Pivot was developed by K-12 educators to provide schools with easy-to-use and cost effective tools that help quickly and accurately collect and analyze both student and staff data.

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GCCS Pivot Services


  • Access all student test data with one login
  • Quick reports for teachers & admin staff
  • Dashboards for tracking key improvement indicators

RTI (Response to Intervention)

  • Easily track students & interventions in all tiers
  • Complete case history of intervention reports on each student
  • Know which interventions are most successful
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