Parent Connect| March 13, 2015 – Spring Intersession Information

This special edition of Parent Connect is devoted to answering your questions about Intersession, which will be held from Monday, March 23 to Friday, March 27. Parents have been notified at parent/teacher conferences OR received a letter in the mail if their child needs to attend Intersession.

Why does my child have to attend Intersession?

Greater Clark County Schools’ daily priority is to provide the best education possible for our students. Our staff works diligently to provide a rigorous and appropriate academic support system for each of our students. It’s important for parents to understand that Intersession is not a punishment for their child, but rather an opportunity for students to receive additional academic/behavior support to help their child succeed.

Greater Clark’s schools will be closed for two weeks in March for Spring Break. However, the first week of the break (Intersession week) will be used to provide twenty (20) additional hours of instruction to students who are at risk of being retained. Instruction for students in grades K-8 will be focused on reading
proficiency. Intersession for high school students will focus on credit recovery and
state required End-of-Course Assessment (ECA) remediation. Identified students
who do not participate in this invaluable opportunity will be at risk of not advancing to
the next grade level and/or not graduating from high school.

As indicated in our vision and mission statements, the district’s goal is for all
students to graduate accepted to a post-secondary opportunity, i.e. four-year col-
lege, two-year college, apprenticeship, military, workforce, etc. In order for that to
occur, we must make sure all students develop the academic and behavioral skills
needed to succeed beyond our school system. Students learn differently, so it is vital
that the district differentiates instructional practice to the greatest extent possible to meet student needs. With that in mind, we have implemented a program called IMPACT in which students who have identified academic and/or behavioral skill deficiencies receive additional enrichment during the school day. The IMPACT process includes the development of a written intervention plan for the student which is shared with their parent(s). The plan provides for academic intervention both during the school year and during scheduled Intersession breaks.

Where will Intersession be held?

Spring Intersession will be hosted at the following locations for the specified students:

  • Jeffersonville High School – Students from Jeffersonville High School, Parkview Middle School, and River Valley Middle School.
  • Riverside Elementary – Students from Bridgepoint Elementary, Maple Elementary, Riverside Elementary, and Utica Elementary.
  • Northaven Elementary – Students from Northaven Elementary, Spring Hill Elementary, Thomas Jefferson Elementary, and Wilson Elementary.
  • Parkwood Elementary – Students from Parkwood Elementary only.
  • Charlestown High School – Students from Charlestown Middle School, Charlestown High School, Jonathan Jennings Elementary, and Pleasant Ridge Elementary.
  • New Washington Middle/High School – Students from New Washington Elementary and New Washington Middle/High School.

Will the district provide Transportation?

Greater Clark County Schools will provide transportation for the majority of students required to attend Intersession. Charlestown and New Washington area students will be transported to and from their home or designated bus stops. Jeffersonville area middle and high school students will need to report to the elementary school closest to their home to be transported to Jeffersonville High School. Bridgepoint, Maple, Spring Hill,
Thomas Jefferson, Utica, and Wilson students will need to report to their home school to catch the bus to
their designated Intersession host elementary school. There will be supervision at the elementary schools
beginning at 7:15 a.m. The bus will arrive at the school around 7:20 a.m. and depart for their designated location at 7:30 a.m. At the end of the day, transportation will be provided back to the elementary school, with supervision until 12:30 p.m. No transportation will be provided for Intersession students from Northaven, Riverside, and Parkwood Elementary. Those students need to report directly to their school.

Will the district provide breakfast and lunch?

Greater Clark County Schools and Aramark will operate the Food Service Program during Intersession at all designated schools from Monday, March 23 through Friday, March 27. Breakfast will be served from 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. and lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Free meals will be made available to all children attending Intersession, any children 18 years of age and under, and to persons over 18 years old who are enrolled in a state approved educational program for the mentally and physically disabled.


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Will the district provide childcare during Intersession/Spring Break?

Greater Clark County Schools has partnered with Communities in Schools to offer childcare services to parents needing childcare during Intersession. Communities in Schools will offer services at Wilson elementary from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Please contact Communities in Schools at (812) 280-0028 to discuss your needs and the rates that will apply.

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