Parent Advisory

One of the goals identified in the district’s five-year strategic plan is for Greater Clark County Schools to expand and enhance partnerships annually with families to retain current enrollment. The GCCS Parent Advisory was formed to give the district input and support on how to build personal relationships with parents through PTO/PTA events, listening sessions, and more.

Action Plan

Linda Coates Teacher
Brett Clark Director of Technology
Angela Church Parent
Della Cox Parent
Denise Ellnor Teacher
Alisha Liles BES
Kim Ellis BES
Linda Brown BES
Nicci Matheny BES
Mike & Shelly Vejar JHS
Kelly & Leon Gallahar JHS
Anne Scherer JHS
Laura Zeles JHS
Tiffany Garcia MES
Megan Wallace MES
Amanda Holt NES
Ellen Rothstein NES
Julie Taylor-Wilson PVMS
Mike Miller PVMS
Annette Guepe PVMS
Stephen Tull PVMS
Brian Baumgartle PVMS
Ron Zabawa PES
Ashley Jacobs PES
Carly Lindsey PES/RVMS
Mary Benford RVMS
Shelly Milam RVMS
Tessa Morales RVMS
Angela Church RES
Tina Lopez RES
Susan Proctor RES
Trish Kite-Hannon RES
Shilese Stover SHES
Donna Cain SHES
Pat Riley SHES
Meredith Rodriquez-Clipp TJES
Jennifer Daugherty TJES/RVMS
Denise Ellnor TJES
Amy & Dan Colucci Utica
Melanie Roney Utica
Corinne Seebold Utica/RVMS
Kim & Eric Eurton Wilson
Sara Porter Wilson
Scott & Laura Carr JJES/CMS
Alicia Morgan JJES
Jamie Lee JJES
Stefanie Wooten-Burnett JJES
Majella Miller CHS/JJES
Brian Meyer CHS
Kim Daniel CHS
Tammy Edwards CMS
Youlanda Carrico CMS
Emily Adams CMS
Glenda Bruce JJES/CMS
Connie Cowper PRES
Shelley Martin PRES
Emily Oliver-Jones NWES
Carrie Franklin NWES
Jessica Carroll NWES
Kerriann Barger NWES
Rose Andes New Wash
Jamie Campbel NWMHS
Dana Miles NWMHS
Teresa Zollman Board Member
Jeanne Null
Cheryl Martin
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