Monster Day at Jonathan Jennings Elem.

On May 10th, Jonathan Jennings Elementary kindergarten students celebrated “Monster Day.” Jonathan Jennings Elementary art teacher Amy Short and Charlestown High School art teacher Lisa Weber recently worked together on an amazing Project Based Learning activity for kindergarten students and Charlestown High School students.

At the beginning of the school year, all JJES kindergarten students drew a monster in art class. Charlestown High School art students then took their drawings and created stuffed “monsters” for each student. CHS students even packaged the monsters to look they came from a toy store.

Students were beyond excited as they got to see their drawings come to life! On Monster Day, students also ate monster snacks, read Monsters Love Underpants, practiced monster addition, and played an instructional online game titled Teach My Monster to Read. This project was a fantastic collaboration between our elementary and high school students and their teachers!

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