Media Guidelines

Media Information

Greater Clark County Schools is committed to working with the local, national, and international media to provide them with requested information. While we are committed to cooperating with the media, we are also obligated to protect the privacy of our students and staff. In order to make the media relations process work smoothly for everyone, we ask that media representatives honor the following requests:

  • While the media are often invited to cover school events throughout the school year, media representatives must phone or email the Public Relations Office when seeking an interview, obtaining photographs, or requesting information.
  • All interview requests must go through the Public Relations Office. This includes requests for interviews with board members, administrators, teachers and students.

Media Access to Schools

  • Principals may exercise their own discretion as to whether or not media is permitted at the school and will ensure that, if allowed, proper procedures are followed. If a principal declines an interview, or if a story is a district issue rather than a school issue, the Public Relations Office will provide a spokesperson and/or comment.
  • When visiting any of our facilities, media are asked to report to the main office and secure a Visitor Identification Badge.
  • Interviews will not be conducted during school hours or on school property without the approval and presence of a GCCS administrator or designee.
  • Before any minor is photographed, videotaped, or interviewed by the media, a media consent form must be signed by his/her legal guardian.

Request for Information

  • Greater Clark County Schools ensures the protection of student privacy. GCCS will not release any information that may reveal a student’s identity.
  • Greater Clark County Schools will respect the privacy of its teachers and employees. GCCS will not release any personal or personnel-related information.
  • Greater Clark County Schools will not comment on any case that is before the courts.
  • In cases where the police are involved, all questions related to the police investigation will be referred to the police department.

Media Contact:

Erin Bojorquez
Supervisor of Communications/Public Relations
Greater Clark County Schools
Tel: (812) 288-4802 ext. 325
Cell (Media Only): (502) 377-0826

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