Maple/Spring Hill Elementary Transition Plan

Greater Clark County Schools is incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to work collaboratively with Mayor Mike Moore and the City of Jeffersonville. Our goal is to always effectively serve our three distinct communities within the district’s boundaries.

School closure is a difficult decision that is sometimes needed to provide positive educational and financial change. Schools are intended to reflect and serve the community. Greater Clark is experiencing consistent growth of our student population in the North end of our district, but understand a presence in the downtown Jeffersonville area is paramount due to the $20 million investment into the city’s growth. Maple and Spring Hill elementary schools have been part of daily life in the downtown Jeffersonville area for many years, but over the past decade there has been a steady decline in the enrollment for both schools.

While the district understands the presence of neighborhood schools is important, we cannot support two downtown Jeffersonville schools in the future. However, we have listened to our stakeholders and worked with Mayor Moore to develop a possible plan to construct a new downtown elementary school. The downtown elementary concept was a viable option considered during the referendum planning process. This concept will allow the district to address educational inequities and low enrollment, as well as budget and facility concerns.

Enrollment has not increased over the past five years and we are to the point that we have to make a significant change. We pledge to work collaboratively with the community to ensure Jeffersonville remains a thriving place to live and work. We hope that the community supports our efforts.

Superintendent Dr. Andrew Melin’s Elementary Transition Plan is linked below. This plan was presented to the Board of School Trustees at their special meeting on Tuesday, June 20, 2017.

Elementary Transition Plan

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