Kindergarten Information



Although kindergarten attendance is not compulsory in the State of Indiana, it is recommended for all children. Admission to kindergarten is based on a child’s chronological age, and is open to any child who reaches the age of five (5) by August 1st.


  1. Certified birth certificates are required of all students and of other students who are enrolled in the Greater Clark County Schools for the first time.
  2. Students must have complete and proper immunization records in order to enroll.
  3. When a student transfers to a Greater Clark School from an out-of-state or to a private accredited kindergarten program and does not meet the Indiana age eligibility requirements, the student will be accepted into the kindergarten program on a probationary basis until the principal and kindergarten teacher complete an evaluation of the student to determine if the placement is appropriate.
  4. When a student transfers from an out-of-state or private kindergarten program and there is reason to believe that the initial enrollment was used to circumvent the Indiana law, entrance will be denied.


Due to the loss of state reimbursement, Greater Clark County Schools will not approve early entry for Kindergarten students for the 2018-2019 school year.

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