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Kindergarten Information


Early entrance into kindergarten is not usually recommended.


Although kindergarten attendance is not compulsory in the State of Indiana, it is recommended for all children. Admission to kindergarten is based on a child’s chronological age, and is open to any child who reaches the age of five (5) by August 1st.


  1. Certified birth certificates are required of all students and of other students who are enrolled in the Greater Clark County Schools for the first time.
  2. Students must have complete and proper immunization records in order to enroll.
  3. When a student transfers to a Greater Clark School from an out-of-state or to a private accredited kindergarten program and does not meet the Indiana age eligibility requirements, the student will be accepted into the kindergarten program on a probationary basis until the principal and kindergarten teacher complete an evaluation of the student to determine if the placement is appropriate.
  4. When a student transfers from an out-of-state or private kindergarten program and there is reason to believe that the initial enrollment was used to circumvent the Indiana law, entrance will be denied.


Early entrance into kindergarten is not usually recommended, but will be considered upon parent’s request for those children whose birthdays fall on or after August 2nd and on or before October 1st. Early admission will not be considered for those children whose birthdays fall on or after October 2nd. Procedures for requesting early kindergarten admission are as follows:

  1. A written request for early admission shall be submitted to the Office of Special Populations by the parent.
  2. An Early Kindergarten Entrance Questionnaire will then be sent to the parent. This Questionnaire must be completed and returned to the Administration Building on or before May 15th.
  3. All information received on each candidate will be reviewed by the Early Entry Committee and/or chair to determine if the child may be a candidate for early admission. This Committee will be composed of elementary teachers and/or administrators. If the information provided indicates the child may be a candidate for early admission, an interview which includes a skills assessment with the child will be arranged.
  1. Interviews/assessments will be conducted at the Administration Building sometime during the period of May 22nd through June 8th. The parent will be notified of the specific date/time by letter. If the child is not available to participate in an interview/assessment during the times allotted, a decision for early admission will be made based on the information already received from the parent.
  2. Recommendation for early admission to kindergarten will be made by the Early Entry Committee based on a review of all data provided by the parent, and observable behaviors/skills/data documented during the interview/assessment process. Because early admission to school is being requested, the child must demonstrate exceptional aptitude or ability, particularly in those areas considered crucial for school success (e.g. cognitive/academic development, communication skills, and motor development). A child’s social/emotional maturity during the interview will also be taken into consideration.
  3. The Early Entry Committee recommendation for early admission will be forwarded to the Office of Special Populations for final review. The Director of Special Populations will notify the parent in writing as to whether or not early admission into kindergarten will be granted. This notification will be provided to the parent no later than June 30th.
  4. If early admission to kindergarten is granted, the child’s neighborhood building principal will be notified by the Office of Special Populations to allow the child to register during the elementary enrollment period.
  5. All requests and data concerning early admission to kindergarten must be received at the Administration Building on or before May 15th for the child to be considered a candidate. The only exception to this deadline will be for those children who moved into the district after May 15th. The deadline for students new to the district will be August 1st.
Kindergarten Early Entry Quick Fact Sheet