In Greater Clark, we believe each student at every grade level needs to acquire some key skills to succeed in school and the workplace. As a result, we have developed district-wide initiatives focusing on making students highly proficient four significant skill areas: character, reading, writing, and math. Our educators work on these skills every day in every class at every grade level. We believe that the level of a student’s success in school is directly related to how proficient students are in each of these skill areas. Students with these skills will not only perform well on school-based assessments, but also on state and national assessments as well. Perhaps more importantly, students with these skills will be accepted to a post-secondary opportunity of their choosing that best fits their passion and interests. In addition, students strong of character with highly proficient skills in reading, writing, and math will greatly improve the quality of our community.

College & Career Readiness IMPACT Project Lead the Way


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