ILEARN Rescore Request

In accordance with Indiana Code 20-32-5.1-12(d), parents and schools have an opportunity to request a rescore for any open-ended item(s) to which students responded on the ILEARN assessments earlier this spring. Since ILEARN is a new test, the final results with proficiency levels and scale scores will not be available until Thursday, August 15th.

Important Information about the ILEARN Rescore Request Process:

  • The ILEARN Rescore Request window will be open in mid-July (July 15th – 31st). Requests submitted outside of this window will not be processed.
  • Parents or guardians who wish to view students’ response images and scoring rubrics must visit the school in which their child is officially enrolled. There will not be a separate online portal for parents to access this information.
  • Together with school staff, you will be able to view an image of your student’s response to each open-ended item, sample student responses for each score point, and the scoring rubric to help decide whether to request a rescore for that item.
  • The principal will submit any rescore request(s) on your behalf in the online platform.
  • A school must first notify the parents of any student for whom they want to request a rescore since a rescore could result in an increased or decreased score.
  • Once a rescore request is submitted, the request and/or score change cannot be reversed.
  • A rescore request can only be requested one time for an item. Multiple requests to rescore the same item for a student is not permissible.
  • All items, responses, and scoring rubrics are secure materials and must not be discussed, shared, distributed, or duplicated.
  • Final results released on August 15th will reflect any properly submitted requested rescores.

Important Dates:

  • July 15-31, 2019 – ILEARN Rescore Request window
July 15 – 31, 2019 ILEARN Rescore Request window
August 15, 2019 ILEARN final results available for schools (including Individual Student Reports)

 Your student’s school will not have final scores until August 15, 2019. You will only see the English/Language Arts and Math applied answers for your student during the July window, along with a rubric to help guide the rescoring request. Please contact the school where your child took the ILEARN test with any questions about the rescore request process. You can make an appointment to view the applied images when staff returns for the 2019-20 school year. Elementary and middle school administrative staff return on July 24, 2019. High school administrative staff (Biology results only) return on July 17, 2019.

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