GCCS Graduates Move to Laude System

In September 2016, a GCCS Graduate Recognition Study Committee was created to investigate alternative methods of recognizing excellence in our graduates as well as cultivating and promoting teamwork and collaboration among students.  As GCCS evolves into a Ford Next Generation Learning Community, the need to allow students to pursue career aspirations needs to be their primary goal.  The committee felt as though the Laude System allows students to aspire for academic excellence as well as cultivate the career skills needed for success in and beyond high school.

Beginning with the graduating class of 2020 (current freshman class 2016-2017 school year), students will be encouraged to aspire to attain a certain grade point average if they wished to be recognized as a Laude graduate.  Due to the differing number of advanced placement and honors courses offered at each high school, the GPA cut scores will be unique to each school.

Graduate Recognition Study Committee Report

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