Facilities Tactic Team Chooses Downtown School Location

In August of this year, the district established a Facilities Tactic Team that was tasked with selecting the location of a new downtown Jeffersonville elementary school. A diverse group of community members, property and business owners, parents and educators have gathered monthly to share their voice and select the optimal downtown Jeffersonville site for an elementary school to serve Greater Clark students and the community. The site selection process was led by TEG Architects and included discussion around programming space; such as classrooms, offices, storage and general support areas. Teams built conceptual bubble diagrams of the new facility with its specific needs, then began discussing site facts for all four potential sites (Court Avenue location, current Maple Elementary site, current Spring Hill Elementary site, and the district’s current bus depot). Each team member then scored all four locations and at the Facilities Tactic Team meeting in December, a unanimous decision was made to recommend to the Board of School Trustees to construct a new school on the Court Avenue site, next to the Nachand Fieldhouse.

The Facilities Tactic Team will meet again in January 2018 to finalize their presentation which will be made to the Board of School Trustees on January 23, 2018. A copy of the final team presentation is attached, with the exception of the final scores and cost factors, which will be presented in January. Construction costs will not exceed $15 million.


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