Employment Contracts

Teacher Contract

Teacher Master Contract

Administration Building

Mark Laughner – Interim Superintendent
Dr Tom Dykiel – Chief Financial Officer
April Geltmaker – General Counsel
Dr. Kim Hartlage – Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education
Kimberly Fifer – Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education
David Rarick – Director of Transportation
Melissa Bower – Director of Technology/Instructional Improvement
Joseph Kwisz – Director of Special Populations
Emy Lorigan – Supervisor of Special Education
Brooke Lannan – Supervisor of Special Education
Karen Spencer – Supervisor of Assessment

High School

Charlestown High School
Mark Laughner – Principal
Amy Cook – Assistant Principal
Chad Gilbert – Athletic Director

Jeffersonville High School
Julie Straight– Principal
Bill Eihusen – Assistant Principal
Pam Hall – Assistant Principal
Ginger Whitis – Assistant Principal
Scott Hatton – Assistant Principal
Todd Satterly – Athletic Director

New Washington Middle/High School
Carla Hobson – Principal
Jeff Byrne – Assistant Principal

Middle School

Charlestown Middle School
Karen Wesely – Principal
Adrienne Bach – Assistant Principal

Parkview Middle School

Jeremy Stewart – Principal
Amy Gilbert– Assistant Principal

River Valley Middle School
Michelle Dyer – Principal
John T Cox – Assistant Principal

Elementary School

Bridgepoint Elementary
Jackie Diaz – Principal

Jonathan Jennings Elementary
Jeremy Shireman – Principal

Maple Elementary
Denise Ellnor – Principal

New Washington Elementary
Darcie Goodin – Principal

Northaven Elementary
Laura Morris – Principal

Parkwood Elementary
Brandon Winebrenner – Principal
Brooke Schlise – Assistant Principal

Pleasant Ridge Elementary
Sara Porter – Principal

Riverside Elementary
Beth Kimmel – Principal

Spring Hill Elementary
Virenda Cunningham-Lester – Principal

Thomas Jefferson Elementary
Jennifer Korfhage – Principal

Utica Elementary
Kathy Gilland – Principal

Wilson Elementary
April Holder – Principal

Other Schools

Corden Porter
Donna Daily – Assistant Principal

Clark County Middle/High School
Jeff Griffith – Principal

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