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As a Greater Clark County student you can now take the classroom portion of drivers ed all online and then complete your six hours of in-car training with Always First Driving Academy!
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A letter from the Superintendent

Dear Parents:

I am pleased to announce that the Greater Clark County School Corporation will provide your teenager with a comprehensive program to fulfill their drivers education requirements. This is made possible through a partnership with and Always First Driving Academy, which are Indiana Criminal Justice Institute and Bureau of Motor Vehicles licensed and approved.

This program will begin June 1, 2010 for all Charlestown, Jeffersonville and New Washington students. Your student will be able to enroll in’s all online drivers education course and then take their mandated six hours of in-car training with Greater Clark County’s Always First Driving Academy for a total price of only $350 per student.

If you would like to pre-register your teenager for this program, contact Always First Driving Academy at (812) 288-7211 or (800) 763-7483. After June 1, registration will be available through your school website, a dedicated section at the website and the Always First Driving Academy website.
Drivers Education Program Features:

  • Online drivers education lessons done at your convenience
  • Unlimited access to course material
  • Automatic progress tracking so your child can pick up exactly where they left off
  • Six hours of personalized in-car driving lessons with Always First Driving Academy
  • Free pick-up and drop-off from your school location
  • Certificate of Drivers Education (CDE) issued by Always First Driving Academy
  • State stamped and signed completion of the program with grades

As stakeholders within the Greater Clark County School Corporation, we have a duty to ensure our teens become safe and confident drivers. To that end, our newly formed partnership will provide your child with the skills necessary to be safe, qualified drivers and the preparation that the Bureau of Motor Vehicles requires for driving permits and licensing. Thank you for your continued commitment to your teenager’s education and safety.


Dr. Andrew Melin




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