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Dress Code Administrative Guidelines

In addition to Policy #5511, the Board of School Trustees for Greater Clark County Schools has the responsibility to make decisions pertaining to the general conduct of the students attending Greater Clark’s schools. GCCS recognizes that students do not shed their constitutional rights at the schoolhouse door. GCCS also recognizes that a student’s choice of appearance is an element of liberty. While acknowledging these freedoms, GCCS recognizes that a compelling interest exists to prevent the disruption of the educational process for all GCCS students.
GCCS is concerned about the potential for disruptions in the educational process if students are allowed to wear clothing and/or have exposed body markings or piercings that contain lewd, vulgar or indecent speech; promote illegal substances; relate to gang/cult matters; or create safety hazards.

Establishing the formation of standards of appearance for children in its schools is an aspect of the Board’s responsibilities. In developing these minimum standards, the Board has considered the various community standards that exist in the corporation’s various schools.


Issues considered in the development of these minimum standards include:

  1. Creating an educational atmosphere free from undue disruptions.
  2. Fostering respect for authority and discipline within the school.
  3. Improving students’ attitudes toward school.
  4. Maintaining a good public image.
  5. Preventing the promotion of gang or cult related activities within the school system.
  6. Preventing the promotion of illegal substances.
  7. Preventing the promotion of lewd, vulgar, harassing or offensive language or conduct.
  8. Creating a safe environment for students attending GCCS schools.

Unacceptable Clothing and/or appearances


  1. Clothing, exposed body markings or piercings containing lewd, vulgar or indecent speech.
  2. Clothing, exposed body markings or piercings that pertain to alcohol, drugs or tobacco that have the effect of promoting illegal substances.
  3. Clothing, exposed body markings or piercings that are or may be perceived to pertain to gangs, cults or their representative activities.
  4. Hair (body or facial), hairstyles, and/or colors that identify or represent gangs, cults or their representative activities.
  5. Hats or other headgear that could be used as a method of moving contraband in and out of schools, which obstruct the view of other students in the classrooms, or which could affect the safety of students if removed from the head in an inappropriate manner.

By way of example, the following list identifies those specific items that are considered unacceptable:


Always Unacceptable (school day, on school grounds or at any school function)


  1. Clothing displaying, promoting or referencing any of the following: drugs, alcohol, tobacco, violence, profanity, sexual connotations, racism or other generally offensive topics.
  2. Clothing or accessories associated with gangs or cults.
  3. Jewelry or accessories with spikes, heavy chains, etc.
  4. Clothing that reveals underwear or private body parts. Examples include: see through and mesh shirts or blouses; undone clothing or accessories (belts, zippers, snaps, etc.); sagging pants; low cut tops; short shorts.
  5. Clothing not worn in the usual or customary manner.


Unacceptable Anytime During the School Day (7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.)

Tank tops; muscle shirts; mini-length skirts and dresses; bare-back, bare-shoulder or spaghetti strap garments; bare midriff; over-sized or extremely tight clothing; flip-flops (elementary due to recess) or shower shoes.


O.K. to School – Unacceptable During the School Day

Hats; coats; jackets; sunglasses; gloves; book bags and back packs

GCCS students will be subject to disciplinary action in a manner as set out in the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook and Student Discipline Policy if violations of these minimum standards occur.

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