Charlestown High Staff


Mark Laughner Clary Aaron CHS Barbara Berry CHS Cindy Blanton CHS Anne Bottorff CHS Stephanie Brown CHS McKinnah Bussey CHS Kelli Cardwell CHS Rodney Carver CHS Erin Cassady CHS Sarah Chism CHS Brett Clark CHS David Cloyd CHS Amy Cook CHS Lyndsay Coombs CHS Sharon Coots CHS Crystal Cox CHS Kevin Crabtree CHS Sara Crawford CHS Brianna Crawford CHS Heather Curtis CHS William Dennison CHS LeaAnne Dolbeare CHS Trent Dorsett CHS Johanna Elie CHS Corbin Feldhaus CHS Kevin Fisher CHS Charlie Fraley CHS Kimberly Gagel CHS Laura Gansbauer CHS Faye Gargano CHS Chad Gilbert CHS Nicole Grayson CHS Samantha Greer CHS Bryan Hall CHS LeRoy Halter CHS Catherine Hamilton CHS Jane Hammond CHS Khris Harris CHS Jason Hawkins CHS Nathanael Hayden CHS Tessa Hewitt CHS John Hobson CHS Christina Hooker CHS Mary Hudson CHS Joseph Humphrey CHS Dawn Jenkins CHS Logan Johnson CHS Brenda Jones chs Donna Kokojan CHS Paula Kruer CHS Eric Lannan CHS Mark Laughner CHS Braydon Laughner CHS Jami Lee CHS Tracy Lentz CHS Meredith Lucas CHS Debbie Lyons CHS Scott Matthews CHS Judy Mccawley CHS Shelby McCawley CHS Alma McCutcheon CHS Marc McMullen CHS Jeffrey Meek CHS Eric Metcalfe CHS Alicia Morgan CHS Kelly OConnor CHS James Ohlmann CHS Bob O’Keefe CHS Andrew Ortman CHS Karen Parker-Jenkins CHS Anita Purvis CHS Rebecca Ramer CHS Cheryl Reagan CHS John Rowland CHS Jessica Sarver CHS Mary Springer CHS Melissa Stewart CHS Lori Stinson CHS Joann Talley CHS Adam Tolliver CHS Linda Tucker CHS Kerri Vaughn CHS Brenda VonAlmen CHS Mike Webb CHS Lisa Weber CHS Joshua Whicker CHS Debbie Whitler CHS Wesley Wiles CHS Addie Williams CHS Stefani Wooten-Burnett CHS Deanna Wright CHS

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