Charlestown Middle School Staff



Karen Wesely Jennifer Barnes CMS Lesly Barnette CMS Jessica Blythe CMS Aimee Bowling CMS Jean Bowling CMS Tyler Brafford CMS Elizabeth Brooks CMS Stephanie Chapman CMS Adam Clark CMS Whitney Connell CMS Jason Connell CMS Eli Daniel CMS Troy Danner CMS Ann Demeter CMS Adam Doherty CMS Nicole Espinoza CMS Stacey Etienne CMS Joshua Faith CMS Marilyn Fowler CMS Robert Frederick CMS Brandi French CMS Amy Gillespie CMS Mary Gnadinger CMS Sarah Grace CMS Mark Grider CMS Heather Hartsock CMS Christina Harvey CMS Amy Hasselbring CMS Cynthia Hedge CMS Keith Hedges CMS Lucy Renea Hein CMS Kevin Hennegan CMS Karen Hester CMS Brian Hester CMS Megan Hibbard CMS Annette Hoff CMS Alma Hurt CMS Jerri Knight CMS Susan Knoebel CMS Barbara Krenke CMS Michael Kruer CMS Stephanie Lamaster CMS Cheryl Martin CMS Aaron McMillan CMS Jennifer Morris CMS Keisha Nein CMS Kendra Oatis CMS Melissa Pedigo CMS Stacy Pehlke CMS Mark Prusinski CMS Vicky Riley CMS Chris Ryan CMS Nicole Smith CMS Justin Snelling CMS Brian Stewart CMS Sarah Stricker CMS Jennifer Swanson CMS Christy Tolliver CMS Kristin Traub CMS Lisa Troy CMS Jean Trusedell CMS Lisa Tucker CMS Heather Vanover CMS Zach Voignier CMS Tammy Watson CMS Wyatt Waynescott CMS Karen Wesely CMS Linda Whitlock CMS Amber Wiggins CMS Carmalita Williams CMS Tim Wolff CMS


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