Bus Route Information

Bus Routes By School

How do I find my stop?

1.  Enroll your student at the school or enroll them online with Infosnap.

2. Find your child’s student ID.  You will need it.

3. It is recommended for you to download the Ride 360 app below.  If you prefer to use a computer, please click on the following link:     Ride 360              


*Remember, during the first week of school, students should be at the stop 10 minutes early.  During the entire school year, students should be at the stop 5 minutes early.

* Please check back often to verify the bus stop information for your child has not changed.

What if I can’t find my child’s transportation information?

1. Submit a Transportation Request by going to this link: Request Form

2. Once your information has been received and processed, we will contact you with the information.

What if the address listed for my child is incorrect?

1. First, contact your child’s school and make sure your home address is correct and updated in Powerschool.

2. Next, make sure the home address listed is the same as the address listed for pick-up OR drop-off.  Remember, we do not allow alternating addresses during the week.  Students are allowed one pick up location and one drop off location every day.  In other words, transportation is provided to and from a maximum of two (2) locations: home and one other approved site with verified contact information on file.  All stops must be within the boundaries of the school the student attends.  In the interest of keeping our students safe, we can no longer accommodate complex schedules involving multiple stops.

3. Submit a transportation request if the address is correct in Powerschool, but not correct for the two (2) locations allowed.

What if I do not like the bus stop my child is assigned to?

1. Student must use their assigned stop.

2. If you reside within an NTZ (no transportation zone), no transportation will be provided.

3. If you reside within a LTZ (limited transportation zone), stops are listed here: LTZ Stops.

4. If you have questions, contact us at (812) 288-4809 or transportation@gccschools.com.

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