Bridgepoint Parent Information

Attendance Policy

Being in school every day and arriving on time are very important to the daily functioning of the elementary school. Students are counted tardy or absent as of 8:50 a.m.

A student is counted present if they attend school for a partial day, but we encourage parents not to withdraw students during the school day. Students working for a perfect attendance award must be present 100% of the school year to receive this recognition. Students working on exemplary attendance must be present, on time, and stay all day every day of the school year.

Parents taking students out of school for a family vacation is discouraged. Students will be counted absent from school when they are not present with the exception of when they serve as a page in the state legislature.

Attendance is absolutely vital to the academic progress of your child. Days such as “Take Your Child to Work Days” are not excused absences. We encourage parents wanting this experience for their child to schedule them during school holidays or during the summer months.

We reward students each semester for “Exemplary Attendance”. This means the student has been at school from 8:50 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. each and every day of the semester. Students leaving early or arriving late do not qualify for this recognition.

Dismissal Procedure

Students are dismissed from school in the following order:

3:20 p.m. …………… Children walking home

3:25 p.m. ……………. Car Riders

3:30 p.m. ……………. Buses

Parents arriving at school to pick up their children during school hours are asked to:

Wait in the front office.  Your child will be called to the office.  Standing in the hall or at the classroom door can be a distraction to instructional time.

Please park only in the designated parking area.

Parents should not be parking in the yellow crosswalks in front of the school.

Safety at dismissal time is everyone’s business.

Please help us keep dismissal safe for all children by following the guidelines above.


Student dress and appearance are the responsibility of the parent. Students will be

expected to keep themselves well groomed and neatly dressed. Any form of dress

considered distractive to normal school operations will not be permitted. No obscene or

questionable pictures or printing will be allowed.

Parent/Teacher Conferences:

Parent/Teacher Conferences are held two times per year.  One is held in the fall and one is held in mid-February.  Bridgepoint Elementary is committed to having 100% parent contact during these designated conference days.  If you are unable to attend the scheduled conference day, please contact your child’s teacher to arrange another day to meet.  We recognize that working obligations may prevent you from attending a conference so you may schedule a phone conference or communicate with your child’s teacher through email.  The most important thing to remember is communication between home and school enhances your child’s success.  The teachers at Bridgepoint will make every effort to provide a conference time for you.  Your support is appreciated.

Bridgepoint Expectations: 

Classroom Hallway Cafeteria Arrival Restrooms
RESPECT Use kind words and actions Voice Level =0 Voice Level =2Use mannersRaise hands Voice Level = 2 Be timely
SELF-CONTROL Do your bestKeep hands and feet to self Hands togetherWalk to the right Stay at tableStay in lineWalk Stay in assigned areaHands to self Appropriate Usage
FOLLOW DIRECTIONS Listen and Engage Walk Use mannersNo sharing food Toys stay at homeFood stays in the cafeteriaRead books or finish homework Wash handsFlush


                                                                                            Respect others

                                                                                            Encourage Sportsmanship

                                                                                            Caring Attitude



                                                                                            Safety First

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