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School Hours

Building Open to Students
8:40 am
Student Instructional Day
9:00 am to 3:35 pm



Parkwood Elementary School is a part of the Greater Clark County Schools system with an enrollment over 500. We’re proud of our heritage of educational innovation and our community.

The current enrollment in preschool through 5th grade is 550 children. The pupil-teacher ratio is 22-1. Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades are considered Prime Time classrooms with a maximum of 18-1 ratio in kindergarten and 1st grades. 2nd and 3rd grades have a ratio of 20-1.

Our technology status is good and getting better. We have an updated computer lab, two student stations in every classroom, projectors in all classrooms and interactive whiteboards in grades 3-5. The PCs are networked to a central server with access to the Internet.

Parkwood School opened to educate children in the Parkwood area in August of 1968. The original building contained 20 classrooms, library, cafeteria, and gymnasium.

The school opened with an enrollment of 539 students in kindergarten through grade six. Our enrollment indicated that we would not have enough room for all of the children that were walk-in pupils. An addition was planned and work began shortly after the 1968 opening of school. Six rooms, a workroom, and restroom facilities were added and competed in 1971. Four more classrooms were added for the 1999-2000 school year.

Parkwood PTO sponsors a fall fundraiser. PTO also sponsors festivals and other family activities. To learn more, please see the PTO link.

Parkwood also participates in dough-raising night with Dominoes Pizza. Parkwood earns 20% of the profits from every pizza sold on the 2nd Tuesday of each month when the purchaser mentions Parkwood.

Mission Statement

Working Together to Ensure Academic Success for ALL Students.

View Breakfast & Lunch Menus

All school cafeterias operate on a computerized lunch system. Students have a lunch account available for their use. Parents may deposit money into their child/children’s account at their convenience and may do so weekly, monthly, or yearly. If you would like restrictions placed on your child/children’s account, please send it in writing to the cafeteria manager at your child/children’s school. For example, if you don’t want your child to purchase a la carte items or breakfast, then the money will be used for lunch only.

If you have questions concerning free and reduced lunch contact Betsy Sumner.

For all other questions please contact Lisa Fackler.



Read the latest edition of our Pirate Press newsletter.

Pirate Press



Parkwood Elementary PTOVisit PTO Website

PTO Officers
President – Tonya Hennesy
Vice-President – Yvonne Waggoner
Treasurer – Deanie Smith

Questions or Comments?

Our Purpose:
To promote the welfare of children in school and the community.
To encourage parents and teachers to work together in the education of the students.
To provide opportunities for school and family interactions.
To fund special programs to enhance the school environment for children.
To support and lend additional help to student activities in order to enrich the student’s experience in that activity.

Ways to Support:

  • Become a Parkwood Elementary PTO member
  • Volunteer to help a teacher
  • Volunteer at a PTO event
  • Dominos Pizza Dough Raising Night
  • Box Tops for Education
  • Capri Sun and Frito Lay
  • Coke Reward Points
  • Value Cards

PTO Events for the 2011-2012 School Year
Monthly spirit sale store
Monthly Papa Murphy’s Dough Raising Night
Amish Recipe Fall Fundraiser
Courtyard “Beautifying” Day
Fall Family Fair
Membership Drive
Penny War
Talent Show (with celebrity guest judges)
Santa Shop
Spring Dances (K & 1st grades, 2nd & 3rd grade, 4th & 5th grade)
Valentine Flower Sale
Spring Festival
Staff Appreciation Week
Field Day

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