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About Charlestown Middle


Brandon Winebrenner


8804 High Jackson Rd.
Charlestown, IN


(812) 256-6363


(812) 256-7282

School Hours

Building Open to Students
7:55 am
Student Instructional Day
8:10 am to 2:55 pm




Mission Statement

Mission Statement

To embrace a school community that is working together to establish comprehensive, positive programs which prepare all students to live, learn, and work successfully.

Belief Statements

Belief Statements

We believe that Charlestown Middle School:

Has a safe physical and emotional environment in which to learn.
Appreciates all students as human beings to be treated according to their needs with respect, encouragement, and discipline.
Has students who have a healthy self esteem based upon realized ability, responsibility, and appropriate behavior.
Gives all students equal resources for an appropriate education.
Provides students with equal opportunities for exploration and participation that challenge each individual to meet his/her potential.
Gives students the opportunity to develop marketable and employable skills.

View Breakfast & Lunch Menus

All school cafeterias operate on a computerized lunch system. Students have a lunch account available for their use. Parents may deposit money into their child/children’s account at their convenience and may do so weekly, monthly, or yearly. If you would like restrictions placed on your child/children’s account, please send it in writing to the cafeteria manager at your child/children’s school. For example, if you don’t want your child to purchase a la carte items or breakfast, then the money will be used for lunch only.

If you have questions concerning free and reduced lunch contact Betsy Sumner.

For all other questions please contact Lisa Fackler.

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